Dean's Message.

I am pleased to present the 10th year Annual Report of RAKCOPS for the academic year 2015-16. In the last 10 years, RAKCOPS has worked very hard, effectively and sincerely to build a quality at various levels on its education, research, training and other activities. Vision, Mission, goals and objectives have been modified to give a clear direction for progress in the future.

Academic progress is continuously reviewed and upgraded to meet the demands of the 21st century while emphasizing on sharing and caring attitude development amongst the student community.

Some of the key activities are mentioned is below:

1) New Academic Block :
A spacious new academic block has been provided, effective August 2016 by the University Exclusively for RAKCOPS consisting of spacious office rooms and faculty rooms, lecture halls, additional labs and conference rooms in addition to the existing labs and other areas of the university.

2) APTI – RAKMHSU International Convention :
RAKCOPS in coordination with Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI) conducted international conference on 29th February 2016. This was the first collaboration between APTI and RAKMHSU to promote the relationship between the teachers of these two professional organizations. The main purpose of the convention was to have brain storming sessions among the participants on current trends of pharmacy education in UAE and India. RAKCOPS and university faculty and officers also attended the convention.

3) DUPHAT 2016 (Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition):
Dubai International Pharmaceuticals & Technologies Conference & Exhibition (DUPHAT) was held in Dubai from 15th -17th March, 2016. The event saw a very enthusiastic participation from about 64 students & 16 faculty for a period of 03 days. A total of 30 posters (20 B.Pharm, 8 MS students & 2 faculty) were presented at the conference.

The students made RAKCOPS & RAKMHSU proud by bagging 04 awards in the best oral, innovation, thematic and presentation categories.

4) Research & Publications – 2015-16
During the academic year 2015-16, 07 publications were made by the faculty in the international journal. An Indian patent has been filed by the faculty from the department Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In addition, faculties have participated in several conferences and workshops outside the university internationally, nationally. Faculty have also actively participated in faculty development programs conducted by the university. Twenty (20) papers have been presented in conferences.

5) Institutional Effectiveness and Action Taken Report (ATR):
IRO Survey of 2015-16 revealed best performance of faculty and courses as the weaknesses identified earlier have been converted to strength by the continuous effort of the students and faculty. ATR’s are regularly shared with all stakeholders (students & faculty) and performance levels continuously improved through discussions, guidance, review and monitoring by the senior faculty, Chairpersons and Dean

Average score of faculty is 4.51 and average score of course is 4.27 on 1 to 5 scale (minimum score required: 3.5). During the semester 26 courses and 71 equivalent faculty were surveyed.

6) Team Based Learning (TBL) :
During the academic session 2016-2017, one TBL session was conducted for each course in odd & even semester for B.Pharm year 1 to 4. During the year total 45 TBL sessions were conducted in RAKCOPS.

TBL Session in the initial years bring students closer, understand each other’s strengths & weaknesses, motivate to learn & work together. In the 3rd & 4th year TBL sessions serve a higher purpose in students to inculcate critical & analytical thinking, problem solving & communication Skills.

Faculty get actively involved in conducting effective TBL’s by identifying appropriate topics’ i-rat & t-rat and group learning & discussions. The TBLs were vetted by college level TBL vetting committee in order to maintain the quality of learning.

7) Alumni batch of 2010-2014:
6th group of Alumni consisting of 48 students completed the program in September 2016. They are now seeking employment in industry, community, hospital and other practice settings. Total 153 number of graduates of B.Pharm 18 number of MS graduates have completed their studies. RAKCOPS has created Alumni cell under the guidance of University to counsel, support and review the progress of alumni in future.

8) Visit to Philadelphia, Midwestern University, Chicago for international Pharmacy conference by Dr. B.G.Nagavi:
I had the good opportunity of attending a 2 days conference in Philadelphia on 14th & 15th July 2016 with the theme “Excertions in the Profession of Pharmacy”. About 60-70 chosen international participants and speakers, delegates participated in the focused conference.

I spoke on the topic “Benchmarking & assessing attitude & behavior of Pharmacy students – an innovative & quantitative approach”. The presentation was well attended and discussions were held after the presentation. There was a poster session during the conference. I was also member of organizing committee of the conference and key note speaker.

I also visited college of Pharmacy, Midwestern University, Chicago on the invitation of Dean, Dr. Nancy and Dr. Arif Sally, Asst. Professor, department of Pharmacy practice in the college of Pharmacy. I spoke on “Pharmacy education and practice in UAE” to the faculty members. The presentation was followed by detailed discussions. I toured university college of Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy department in the hospital, Dental clinics and other hospitals.

My USA visit was very fruitful as I could develop new & working relationship with Midwestern University who are keen to sign a MOU with RAKMHSU. Midwestern students (3-4) are likely to undergo hospital rotation in Ras Al Khaimah in January/February 2017.

Dr.Padma G M Rao,                                                                                                 5th Sept’2017