Assessment, Evaluation, Grading and Promotion

Students shall be assessed continuously through assignments, seminars, tests, quizzes, problem solving exercises, case presentations and final examination for each course. The continuous assessment components for each course shall be graded for 60% of the marks and the final examinations shall be graded for the remaining 40% marks.

During the End Semester examinations, theory, and where applicable, laboratory and clinical examinations shall be held for each course and graded for 50% of the total marks in the determination of the final grade.



  • Restricted response essays; and
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs)


  • Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE)


  • Actual patients and skills lab – Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
  • Interpretation and problem solving of laboratory data/patient data.

Comprehensive Examination

Failure to appear for the final examination will result in grade "F". Students failing a course have to appear and pass the repeat examination/s to be promoted to next academic year.

Eligibility for appearing for university examination is 75% attendance.

A student will be permitted a maximum of six academic years to complete the BSN program. A student who does not pass a course in three chances will be subject to academic dismissal from the program.

Examination Schedule for BSN

There will be a comprehensive examination for all core & noncore nursing courses in the end of the year conducted by the university examination department


For a small number of courses the comprehensive examination will be at the end of the first semester of the academic year.

The course plan indicates the timing of the comprehensive examination for each course.