Assessment Methodologies: MBBS program years I to V

Pre-Clerkship Courses of MBBS Years I & II

The curriculum for the Pre- Clerkship courses of first two years of MBBS program is an Integrated Modular Curriculum. The basic sciences courses are integrated into various modules and each module is considered equivalent to a course with credits

  • Year 1 consists of 4 modules.
  • Year 2 consists of 4 modules.

There is both Continuous Assessment and Comprehensive Examinations for each module. Both components are applied for assessment of theory and practical learning.

Continuous assessment is performed throughout the academic year and the Comprehensive Examination is conducted at the end of the academic year. Combination of the grades achieved by the students in these components gives the final grade that the students achieve at the end of each year. Progression along the module is decided at the end of each academic year.

Continuous assessment contributes 60% and Comprehensive Examination contributes 40% towards the final grades (Both for theory and practical) and these components have to be passed together.  In case of failure in comprehensive examination, both theory and practical exams have to be repeated in repeat examination.

Continuous assessment exams are conducted by the basic sciences departments of RAKCOMS.

Continuous Assessment


There will be two theory examinations in each module. One is at the middle of each module called the Mid- Module Exam and another at the end of each module called the End Module Exam. The examination is of MCQ type.

An average of the grades obtained in these two Continuous Assessment Test will be calculated and this will contribute 30% to the total theory continuous assessment.

Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE)

There will be one OSPE at the end of each module. It will contribute 30% to the total continuous assessment.

Team based learning (TBL)

TBL will be scheduled at frequent intervals throughout the module.

Each TBL consists of Individual readiness assurance test (I - RAT) and Team readiness assurance test (T- RAT).

Weightage for I - RAT is 70% and T- RAT is 30%, to calculate the final grade achieved by each student for a particular TBL Average of all TBL’s conducted in each module is taken and they will contribute 25% to the total continuous assessment.


One integrated assignment per semester is given and the scores are equally distributed to both modules in the semester. It will contribute 15% to the total continuous assessment

Continuous Assessment marks

Assessment Component Percentage of marks
Theory 30%
OSPE 30%
TBL 25%
Assignments 15%
Total 100%

Clinical Skills

Continuous assessment in clinical skills is of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and will be conducted one for each semester. There is no comprehensive examination. However, OSCE will be assessed and graded like in any other course but the grade points will not be included in the GPA of the semester and overall CGPA

For Clerkship courses of MBBS Years III to V