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Life In RAK

Ras Al Khaimah is up and coming. It is known as the "Top of the Emirates" as it is the northernmost Emirate.

RAK is an outdoor paradise. It is the place to be. It is every parent’s dream of where to send their children for higher education. It is a safe environment, an environment that values and appreciates diversity, with a community welcomes all.

Away from frenzied traffic and big city hassles, but close enough if one wants a weekend in the city, RAK is a quiet but active Emirate. One can relax or be 'on the go.'

The beauty of Ras Al Khaimah is reflected in its traditions and scenery — its white sandy beaches, the majestic Hajjar Mountains, the magnificent desert sands and dunes, and the many local historical sites. There is a close relationship between the nature of Ras Al Khaimah and the past-times and activities in the region. RAK might be the only destination where you can go to the beach, the mountains and the desert within 10-15 minutes driving time!

RAK offers students a chance to have a high quality education while enjoying themselves in an environment of natural and man-made beauty.


Bowling, horse-back riding, water skiing, mountain climbing and scuba diving are just a few of the sports activities in RAK. At the university, add tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket along with a well-equipped exercise room, and table games.

There is also an Aviation club with both micro-light aircraft and powered parachutes in the area. There are two spectacular golf courses, both fully floodlit. These activities complement more traditional activities of camel racing and falconry.


Overlooking … There is also Safeer Mall and Al Hamra Mall, with more under development.

In addition there is Old Town RAK with its traditional souqs, such as the Al Muairedhsouq famous for gold and diamonds and the Kuwaiti souq, the oldest market in RAK with over 100 shops. The RAK Expo Center hosts many cultural exhibitions and events.

Several new hotel resorts exist – Hilton Beach, Al Hamra Fort and The Cove with sandy beaches, great restaurants and night life. Many spas and beach clubs are also available.

Eating Out

Every cuisine imaginable is available in RAK — Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Thai, Chinese. Local restaurants serve great food at reasonable prices. Fast food outlets are in abundance, most with 24 hour service.

Other Attractions

The Al Awafi Festival is a pioneering initiative in RAK, one of the defining tourist attractions in the Emirate. It includes horse back riding, sports competitions, and cultural entertainment. The car and bike racing competitions are the highlight of the annual festival.

RAKMHSU provides students strong educational programs complemented by local culture for personal and professional development. Yes, RAK is the place to be!