Lab Resources

Lab Resources

1. Anatomy Lab

Anatomy Lab has a capacity of 50 Students supervised by 6 faculty members with the aid of 12 cadavers and 8 articulated skeletons.

Weekly 4hrs of lab activity is scheduled for 16 weeks per semester. There are 2 dissection hall assistant helping the teaching faculty as well as students.

Hands on experience Small Group teaching.
Demonstration of abdominal organs. Demonstration of neck triangles.


2. Histology

This lab is well equipped with Projector Microscope, Binocular Microscopes and Monocular student's microscopes. The prepared microscopic slides are from all the systems and all basic tissues of the body. There is a pre lab attached for the demonstration of micro slides before the lab exercises.



3. Anatomy Museum

It contain the osteology bone clones, articulated bone clones, regional anatomy specimens, embryology models, neuro anatomy model, fetal and teratology models.

Plastinated specimens are being added from real human cadavers, covering all systems and organs.