Program Offered :

A. Promotive Healthcare & Lifestyle Medicine (Certificate Course)
      The program aims at creating a new cadre of Lifestyle Medicine Professionals who could work in Private Clinics, Hospitals, Nutrition & Weight Management Clinics, Health & Fitness Clubs, Lifestyle Counseling Centres, etc.

  • Medical & Health Professionals
  • Medical & Health Science Graduates
  • Final year students may also apply

The course material and communication etc will be in English only and proficiency in English is required for the candidate.

Contact Sessions/ CMEs:

We propose to have three contact/ CME sessions during the course period.

Final Examination:

On successful completion of all subjects, students are eligible to sit for the computer based final examination in the RAKMHSU premises, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

The final mark sheet & certificate will be dispatched to students within 1 month of the final examination. The certificate will be issued by RAKMHSU.

Career Prospects:

The knowledge gained by the physicians who study Lifestyle Medicine empower them to prescribe diet changes, exercise activity, quit smoking etc to all their patients. In addition this knowledge is sought after in Cardiac Rehabilitation & Cancer Care.

Health professionals such as Physiotherapists, Nutritionists & Alternative Medicine Professionals gain valuable insight into Comprehensive Holistic Health by being exposed to Multidisciplinary subjects. They are able to use their skills in Weight loss clinics, Fitness gyms, Lifestyle counseling etc.


B. Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Management (Certificate Course)